Softer Sticks

by Chain of Lakes

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Softer Sticks was recorded in Grand Rapids, MI by Greg Baxter.
Mastered by Ian Gorman at La Luna


released May 4, 2013

all songs k.rasche copyright 2013 (BMI)



all rights reserved


Chain of Lakes Grand Rapids, Michigan

chain of lakes is a band from grand rapids, mi

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Track Name: Follow
i'm tacking all of my lines
i'm raking all of my paths from now on
take me on all you want
take me out
but please don't follow me home

i keep em all in my sights
there's all kinds of space
then there's our kind of close
i'll take all of em on all at once
but I won't let em follow me home

noone follows me home
Track Name: Cards
star-falls & the divine
hunting down a wishing well
knowing that trying just means trying times and nothing else
making a case for naught
hungry hunters beg for hell
with prayers & time & spite just thrown in piles everywhere

don't lose heart
calm comes between the fits & starts
hold closer when the rift rips harder still
no part of this is wasted, love
we will grow hard but not apart

so if all our ends are stacked up in some cards,
and dealing hands, and this is ours?
i'd see it as a shame.
i'm not all for drawing straws, i fold.
casting lots... clutching to cards to throw...
i can't hold you if i'm holding those.
Track Name: Your Day
if they're gonna make your cry then cry out loud
if they're gonna hold you back go hold your own
if they're gonna hold you down
then thank everyone around and stand up
everyone moving fast will slow
let em know that you're coming for em
let em know

hey you there guarding the water hole
water hold guards always lure in desperate foe
oh, then the tides they change.
then the weak, they strengthen.
exchange your day
you've had your day.

speeder believe you will soon lose speed.
Track Name: Cool Down
every season screams here like a bored old parrot in a cage
reel between extreme season's sway
roll off my shoulder

torrid or they're frozen; the constant cramped complaints
i'm not all about frost but i'd trade dog days for colder

i'm fevered
fatigued, dear
and i'm not wearing it well

there's no grieving lost leaves here
i'm all about autumn it seems
i'll take winter clothes, cold, and front heaves
and still stay warm here

i'm a summer shade seeker.
old languor, my tell
i'm low now on liquor
and i'm not wearing it well

cool down
Track Name: Clear Love
call guards down
this is for boundary shattering
buckles and knobs are sudden stimulus spurs
manners in heaps beside attire we are scattering
i'm gonna love you
i'm gonna make this clear, love

posture me love
for there my never be another one
pardon me love for all the covetous greed
manners in heaps as we are tenderly battling
i'm gonna wear you
you'll be wearing me
somehow sweet…

keep your hands where i can feel them?

you'll find that this is one for the ages…
Track Name: With Time
i remember well the fields we have outgrown
when we first watched in awe the ball clearing the road
we were homegrown champs of those worn end zones
back when the seasons changed the shapes we used to throw

i have visited the hills we used to slide
those we defended with our frozen fists and pride
where the bravest neighbors would stand and ride
those shoots have all grown over with time

do you remember now the bridge we took to raise?
so we could cross and walk for miles to where you stayed?
fixing dumpster scraps with stolen nails all day...
well, the river rose and washed it all away
Track Name: The Heart of It
only thing i'll always plead is always sing

be mine now love, and only mine

beside me we'll be happy here

i'll sweep every corner, dear
i'll wash ever mirror clear
you can see for yourself, my love
what the hell i am doing here
you're the bird flying over this
i'm just gathering softer sticks
should you tire then land here, love
and you can rest in the heart of it
someday you'll sing this dirge once i'm gone
i'll have watched you for long enough that i could fly there too
Track Name: A New Kind
each subtle stroke broke through whispers by will
as hummingbirds briskly wave wings to fly still
i heard sad silence until a bustling burst was your soft pumping trill

we've chased fallen leaves and caught em all
fingers crossed for the luck they could bring
or a new kind of love song to sing
we have been waiting here, down on our knees
for your heartbeat

stop all the world
take it in free of spin
as the old eagle holds his pose high on the wind
i hold my hope close within
here in the home we have been digging in

we built a room to face the trees
we got the naughtiest dog anyone's ever seen
and a new kind of love song to sing
since you enthralled both my dear darling and me
with your heartbeat